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What is going on when we plan a marketing strategy?

What are the steps?

Do we make mistakes or everything is going well?


A marketing strategy is the number one key for a business which wants to be bigger and gain ground in its field. Marketing can boost a brand and take it to new heights.

Unfortunately, we often make repeated mistakes, thus we do not have the results that we desire.

If we want to invest in our company’s marketing we have to find these mistakes and try to avoid or fix them.


  • We trust our instinct, not the data

When we think about a marketing strategy we usually make assumptions for the success or the failure of the strategy. This is a big mistake.

Since we have a hundred of tools and analytic methods in our disposal that can help us, it is unthinkable to develop a marketing strategy fully based on our instinct.

The deeper we study the data, the better our results will be. In fact, we do not conclude that we will stop experimenting and trust our gut, but we have to be informed as much as possible.

The ideal solution may be using a combination of the two above. Statistically, most of the people that involved in marketing today, rely on the data 20% and on their instinct 80%. If we invert this, we will surely achieve better results.


  • We follow the herd

Nowadays, there is a tendency in the marketing world, to adopt the mentality of mass culture. If a marketing company applies a tactic, then we automatically apply it too. If, for instance, every business uses emoticons in their posts in social media, then we should.

So, instead of exploiting our minds and our imagination, we are following the mass and we are imitating the tactics of others.

Although it is crucial to deliberate how other companies manage different strategies and to see what works and what does not, it is also important to activate our creativity in order to develop our content and stand out.


  • We try every possible tactic and we are not patient

It is common for businesses to experiment with every tactic and, if they do not have immediate positive effects, directly implement a new one. This may be disastrous for their budget.We tend to believe that our audience will respond immediately to our moves, because we know that the digital world is moving fast.But what we need to understand is that it takes time to build a relationship between the company and the customer. So, it is crucial that we stay consistent for a while in our strategy and trust it so that our public in turn can believe in us.


  • Our target is the new client, not the old

Businesses often turn their attention to acquiring new customers by placing existing ones in the background.Research has shown that the chance of selling a product to an old customer is 60-70% while in a new one it is only 5-20%.This is why is so vital to focus on our existing customers in order to have a stable customer network, which of course we should constantly try to develop it.



Our team is always ready to help and guide businesses to avoid this kind of mistakes. We are experts in the field of marketing and we offer 360° solutions to businesses in order to develop correctly a marketing strategy and have positive results. Our main goal is to provide services fully adapted to the company’s needs and style.


We are by our client’s side in every digital step!



Source: www.entrepreneur.com